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New Enrolment for 2012-2013 School Year


VAS Hanoi on Hanoi Cable Television (HCaTV)

VAS Hanoi was broadcasted on Hanoi Cable Television (HCaTV) in an education consultancy programme last Sunday April 14, 2013...


Reading Month at Vas Hanoi

To be successful in life, we must be able to read, whether it is a book, a map, a recipe, our computer programs or a road sign. Written words surround us. Success in learning to communicate in English forms an integral part of a VAS Hanoi education...

  • Closing ceremony of the 2013-2014 of VAS Hanoi
  • VAS Concert 2014 Full-size Photos (Part 2)
  • End of Semester 1 Ceremony

    Cảm xúc ngày tựu trường

    Cảm xúc ngày tựu trường..

  • Closing ceremony of the 2013-2014 school year of VAS Primary
  • Some Photos of the First Day of 2013-2014 School Year of VAS Hanoi Primary Students
  • Some Pictures of School Year 2012-2013 of VAS Primary

    Australian Volunteer Teachers at VAS Hanoi

    During January, VAS Hanoi enjoyed a visit from two Australian volunteer teachers. Tiffany and Neil Van Heerden very quickly became part of the VAS family...

  • 2013 Student Exchange Program with PLC Sydney
  • 2013 USA & Canada Study Tour
  • Cultural Trip Summer 2013

    Some changes in the Schedule for Enrolling Students into Year 10

    The School Board annouces the new schedule for enrolling students into Year 10...

  • Enrolling Students into Year 10
  • VAS Hanoi Opening Opportunities in Difficult Times
  • Enrolment Information for School Year 2009-2010

    Timetable of the Senior Schools from 16-27/12/2013

    Following are the timetables of the Senior Schools for the two end-semester examination weeks...

  • Some Important Exams’ Results of VAS Hanoi Students
  • Grandparents' Day at VAS Hanoi Primary
  • The Fifth Anniversary Celebration of VAS Hanoi


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