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Cambridge Science: An interesting lesson "Day and Night"


Lighthouse: Career Path Consulting for VASers

During this school year, Vietnam-Australia School, Hanoi has started running a Career Path Consulting Project called Lighthouse. This program aims to provide VAS students and parents with essential information...

  • School year 2016-2017 Opening Ceremony
  • Saturday Club Magazine – Week 8
  • Saturday Club Magazine – Week 7

    Cambridge Science: An interesting lesson "Day and Night"

    The topic being studied by Grade 6 in Cambridge Science is called 'Day and Night'. The students have been learning about the Earth's position in the Solar System and how it interacts with the Sun...

  • VAS Hanoi win the Gamuda City Cup
  • Top 10 VASers in English Champion 2016 – Round 1
  • A happy Mid-Autumn Festival

    An exciting outdoor English lesson

    A farm is not only a place where t farmers work but also an ideal destination for students to learn about how a farm works and the natural environment...

  • International Women’s Day at VAS Hanoi
  • The picture contest “Tet of VASers”
  • Family Day 2015 – A hug to the heart

    England – France – Belgium Summer Trip

    The students of Vietnam-Australia School Hanoi experienced an interesting and advantageous trip during the summer of 2016 to England, France and Belgium...

  • USA and Canada Summer Trip
  • VAS girls are so happy with Exchange Program 2016
  • VAS Hanoi - PLC Sydney Exchange Program 2015

    Some changes in the Schedule for Enrolling Students into Year 10

    The School Board annouces the new schedule for enrolling students into Year 10...

  • Enrolling Students into Year 10
  • VAS Hanoi Opening Opportunities in Difficult Times
  • Enrolment Information for School Year 2009-2010

    Notification of National Holiday

    The School Board of VAS Hanoi is pleased to announce the plan of National Holiday. The whole school will have 3 days-off on this holiday occasion from Friday (2/9/2016) to Sunday (4/9/2016)...

  • Notification of National Holiday and the Opening Ceremony
  • The First School Day of Secondary students
  • Let's enjoy the Summer Club "Fun in the Sun"


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