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Saturday Club Magazine – Week 8


Saturday Club Magazine – Week 8

This year, the children have a new friend, Kangaroo, who is responsible for encouraging the children and following them to capture the special moments of the program. Let’s see what Kangaroo brings us this week...

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  • Saturday Club Magazine – Week 4
  • Saturday Club Magazine - Week 3

    The country map from 10,000 rice pots

    On 15/2/2016, VAS students and teachers returned to a warm welcome assembly after Tet holiday. The School Board gave out lucky money and best wishes to all students...

  • An enjoyable tournament "Hanoi Youth Cup 2015"
  • Learning Science at VAS is practical and interesting
  • Teachers’ Day Celebrations at VAS Hanoi

    International Women’s Day at VAS Hanoi

    106 years ago, the second International Women Congress was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. 8th March was chosen to be International Women’s Day and has been celebrated annually in many countries...

  • The picture contest “Tet of VASers”
  • An amazing Halloween & Funny Hat Day
  • Cambridge ICT Starters Programme for VAS Hanoi students

    VAS Hanoi - PLC Sydney Exchange Program 2015

    Four PLC Sydney Year 10 students experienced student life at Vietnam-Australia School Hanoi (VAS Hanoi) in November. This is an annual exchange program between PLC Sydney and VAS Hanoi...

  • VASers challenge the IELTS Practise Test with Mr. Ralph Hunt
  • Thoughts shared by the International Staff about the Exchange Program with PLC Sydney
  • USA & Canada Study Tour 2014

    Some changes in the Schedule for Enrolling Students into Year 10

    The School Board annouces the new schedule for enrolling students into Year 10...

  • Enrolling Students into Year 10
  • VAS Hanoi Opening Opportunities in Difficult Times
  • Enrolment Information for School Year 2009-2010

    Family Day 2015

  • Halloween and Funny Hat Day 2015
  • Notification of National Holiday and the Opening Ceremony
  • The First School Day of Secondary students


    Closing Ceremony of VAS Primary


    Closing Ceremony of VAS Secondary


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