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New Enrolment for 2012-2013 School Year


Reading Month at Vas Hanoi

To be successful in life, we must be able to read, whether it is a book, a map, a recipe, our computer programs or a road sign. Written words surround us. Success in learning to communicate in English forms an integral part of a VAS Hanoi education...

  • VAS Hanoi on Hanoi Cable Television (HCaTV)

    Closing ceremony of the 2013-2014 of VAS Hanoi

    The closing ceremony of the 2013-2014 school year of VAS Hanoi was organized on May 23, 2014...

  • VAS Concert 2014 Full-size Photos (Part 2)
  • End of Semester 1 Ceremony
  • Photos of the 2013 Teachers' Day Ceremony at VAS Hanoi

    Cảm xúc ngày tựu trường

    Cảm xúc ngày tựu trường..

  • Closing ceremony of the 2013-2014 school year of VAS Primary
  • Some Photos of the First Day of 2013-2014 School Year of VAS Hanoi Primary Students
  • Some Pictures of School Year 2012-2013 of VAS Primary

    Australian Volunteer Teachers at VAS Hanoi

    During January, VAS Hanoi enjoyed a visit from two Australian volunteer teachers. Tiffany and Neil Van Heerden very quickly became part of the VAS family...

  • 2013 Student Exchange Program with PLC Sydney
  • 2013 USA & Canada Study Tour
  • Cultural Trip Summer 2013

    Some changes in the Schedule for Enrolling Students into Year 10

    The School Board annouces the new schedule for enrolling students into Year 10...

  • Enrolling Students into Year 10
  • VAS Hanoi Opening Opportunities in Difficult Times
  • Enrolment Information for School Year 2009-2010

    Timetable of the Senior Schools from 16-27/12/2013

    Following are the timetables of the Senior Schools for the two end-semester examination weeks...

  • Some Important Exams’ Results of VAS Hanoi Students
  • Grandparents' Day at VAS Hanoi Primary
  • The Fifth Anniversary Celebration of VAS Hanoi


    National Day Holiday


    Opening Ceremony of the 2014-2015 School Year


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