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VAS Hanoi wins the My Dinh Youth Cup


Saturday Club Magazine - Week 9

VAS Hanoi is happy to welcome our lovely students to Saturday Club this year. The close friend named Kangaroo is responsible for encouraging the children and following them to capture the special moments...

  • The Grandparents’ Day – Grandparents in the modern life
  • Saturday Club Magazine - Week 7
  • Saturday Club Magazine - Week 6

    VAS Hanoi wins the My Dinh Youth Cup

    On the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of the foundation of the Viet Celts and hence the arrival of Gaelic Football in Vietnam, SIS Gaumda and VAS Hanoi fought out a very attack orientated game in the My Dinh Youth Cup...

  • VAS Hanoi retains the Gamuda City Cup
  • VASer is going to challenge National Internet of English Competition
  • International Women’s Day at VAS Hanoi

    The Closing and Award of the 14th City-level Olympic English Competition

    On Saturday morning (22/4/2017), Educational and Training Department combined with Language Link Vietnam to organize the Closing and Award of the 14th City-level Olympic English Competition, for the school year 2016-2017...

  • VASer won the champion table tennis cup
  • Excellent Primary students in October
  • An exciting outdoor English lesson

    VASers share about learning with IELTS expert

    We have held a farewell party to say goodbye Mr. Ralph Hunt – IELTS expert from Australia who supported us so much over 2 weeks. Although Mr. Ralph Hunt worked at VAS Hanoi for a short time...

  • PLC girls experienced a great time at VAS Hanoi
  • England – France – Belgium Summer Trip
  • USA and Canada Summer Trip

    Some changes in the Schedule for Enrolling Students into Year 10

    The School Board annouces the new schedule for enrolling students into Year 10...

  • Enrolling Students into Year 10
  • VAS Hanoi Opening Opportunities in Difficult Times
  • Enrolment Information for School Year 2009-2010

    Liberation Day and Labor Day Holiday 2017

    The School Board of VAS Hanoi is pleased to announce the plan of Liberation Day and Labor Day Holiday 2017...

  • Notification of National holiday
  • Notification of National Holiday
  • Notification of National Holiday and the Opening Ceremony


    National holiday


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