Schedule for VAS Open 2010

The First VAS Open Basketball Championship will take place from 4/1 to 14/1/2010. The teams come from VAS Hanoi (2 teams); Lomonoxop high school and Foreign Language Specialized School (FLSS) On Monday afternoon, 4/1/2010, representatives of the teams were presented at VAS Hanoi to listen to the regulation and witness the drawing of the schedule. The matches are as followed:  [b]Match 1[/b][i] (14:00-15:00, Tuesday 5/1):[/i] Lomonoxop vs. VAS Hanoi 2  [b]Match 2[/b][i] (15:00-16:00, Tuesday5/1):[/i] VAS Hanoi 1 vs. FLSS  [b]Match 3[/b][i] (15:00-16:00, Thursday7/1):[/i] Lomonoxop vs. VAS Hanoi 1  [b]Match 4[/b][i] (15:00-16:00, Friday 8/1):[/i] VAS Hanoi 2 vs. FLSS  [b]Match 5[/b][i] (15:00-16:00, Monday 11/1):[/i] Lomonoxop vs. FLSS  [b]Match 6[/b][i] (15:00-16:00, Tuesday 12/1):[/i] VAS Hanoi 1 vs. VAS Hanoi 2  [b]Match 7[/b][i] (15:00-16:00, Thursday 14/1):[/i] Final [b][u]Note[/b][/u]  Venue: Indoor Sporting Stadium (VAS Hanoi)  The teams will play in a round-robin format to choose the top two to the final  Each team has 12 players  All teams need to submit the names of the players to the Organising Committee  Each match has three round of 10 minutes each and five minute break between each round[b]

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