VASers share about learning with IELTS expert

“We have held a farewell party to say goodbye Mr. Ralph Hunt – IELTS expert from Australia who supported us so much over 2 weeks. Although Mr. Ralph Hunt worked at VAS Hanoi for a short time, he actually made a good impression on all students and teachers.

As he has done for the last few years, Mr.Ralph Hunt flew from Australia to VAS Hanoi. He spent 2 weeks supporting us to practise 4 English skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing in order to prepare us for IELTS examination. Each student was guided and encouraged to be more focused, careful and confident.

Mr.Ralph Hunt worked with Grade 11 and 12 students every day. He interviewed us for 20-30 minutes, marked our writings and made comments about our strengths, weaknesses and suggested how we could improve. Furthermore, English teachers at VAS Hanoi spent valuable time with Mr.Ralph discussing effective learning and teaching methods.

We presented Mr.Ralph with traditional Vietnamese gifts. We now feel more confident to face the IELTS examination ahead. We hope that VAS Hanoi students and Mr.Ralph will make meaningful memories again next year.”

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