The Grandparents’ Day – Grandparents in the modern life

On 18th April, 2017, VAS Hanoi warmly welcomed nearly 500 grandparents to enjoy a well-loved tradition – Grandparents’ Day. This 5th Grandparents’ Day was very successful held with the topic “Grandparents in modern life”.

The well-known Vietnamese MC, Thao Van hosted a talk show with grandparents about how modern life affects grandparents of today; how they adapt to technology and how grandparents support their grandchildren as parents get busier. The talk show emphasized the important role of grandparents.

VASers were so excited to take their grandmothers and grandfathers to visit their classes. They prepared many surprising and meaningful presents for their grandparents such as dramas, games, handmade gifts and lovely performances.

VAS Hanoi and VASers felt so happy to meet grandparents on this day. All grandchildren, grandparents and teachers had special moments together. 

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