VAS Hanoi wins the My Dinh Youth Cup

VAS Hanoi   8.12 (36pts)

SIS Gamuda 8.08 (32pts)

On the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of the foundation of the Viet Celts and hence the arrival of Gaelic Football in Vietnam, SIS Gaumda and VAS Hanoi fought out a very attack orientated game in the My Dinh Youth Cup. The prize on offer was the Viet Celts 10 Year Trophy.

Parade of teams before the game
Two standout performers for VAS Hanoi were Vu Minh Hieu with a master class in high fielding and  Vu Duc Dat who always managed to find space for scores in what was at times a crowded SIS Gamuda defense. In a very close game, SIS Gamuda nearly took away the spoils in the end but VAS Hanoi held on.

Nguyen Tran Nguyen stands tall

Referee Luke Kenny keeps his eyes on proceedings
Special mentions to the Irish Embassy, the Asian County Board, the DFAT, the GAA, the Global Games Development Fund and O'Neills for their vital support of the Viet Celts Schools Gaelic Football program. Thanks to Luke Kenny who refereed the game and also Rowena Barnett and David Cunningham who organised the presentation.

SIS Gamuda on the attack

VAS Hanoi on the attack
VAS Hanoi: Nguyen Huy Long, Nguyen Tran Nguyen , Pham Duc Viet , Nguyen Manh Huy, Tran Nguyen Nhu Toan, Vu Duc Dung, Vu Duc Dat, Vu Minh Hieu, Dinh Thanh Phuc, Nguyen Trieu Xuan, Le Duc Anh Tuan.

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