Particular moments at International Festival 2017

As an annual English activity, International Festival celebrating APEC 2017 was held at VAS Hanoi on 26th October, 2017. During this event, VASers in Secondary and High School had a chance to learn about the lifestyle, economy, society and other aspects of 21 APEC members. The "appearance” of the presidents of America, Russia, Chile and Canada made our students extremely interested.

On this day, VASers and their teachers decorated the courtyard to reflect the theme of the International Festival 2017. It became an impressive space of traditional food courts, national customs and cultural camps.









In addition, before International Festival Day, VASers and their international teachers had been actively conducting flexible lessons such as poster design and debates in order to develop different skills and a deeper understanding of the diversity of cultures and viewpoints of the APEC nations.


Here are some photos showing particular moments at International Festival 2017:















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