International Festival - Gala Day

Along with a wide range of successful and enjoyable international events, International English Festival is a much-awaited social gathering of Secondary and High school students at VAS Hanoi. This annual program gives students promising opportunities to showcase their diverse skills, through the use of English. The topic this school year, "Your Oscars”, really appealed to VASers and many creative works were submitted to the contest.

The impressive cosplay performances, film songs, remakes of  film scenes and especially, the participation of Le Quy Don’s students made International Festival so exciting.

Cong Minh and Anh Dung (year 6) performed "See you again" (OST film Fast and Furious 7)

Congratulations to the students and actors who won prizes in International Festival 2018:

1. Best Film Poster:

- The 1st prize: "Annabelle” - 11A1

- The 2nd prize: "The shape of water” - Ngoc Linh và Thu Thao ( year 10)

- The 3rd prize: "Flipped” - Yen Nhi (year 11) and The little Mermaid - Vu Ngoc Mika ( year 9)."Flipped” - Yen Nhi ( year 11) received the most votes for a  poster on the school’s Fanpage Facebook.

2. Best Costume:

- The 1st prize: Black Butler (k9)

- The 2nd prize: Charlie Chaplin (k6)

- The 3rd prize: Cal Hockley (Rose's Fiancé, Titanic) (k10)

The Cosplay of "Maleficent” (year 8) and Baby Boss (year 7) received the most votes on school’s Fanpage Facebook.

3. Movie Review:

4. Best Remake Film Scene:

- The 1st prize: John Wick (year 10)

- The 2nd prize: Crazy Rich Asians (year 10)

- The 3rd prize: Maleficent (year 8)

Best Male Actor

Thai Dương - Viggo (John Wick)

Best Female Actor

Nguyen Hanh - Maleficent (Maleficent)

6. Best Film Song:

- The 1st prize: "My heart will go on” (Titanic) - Quoc Tu (year 10)

- The 2nd prize: "How far I’ll go” (Moana) - Ha Chau (year 8)

- The 3rd prize: "City of stars” (Lala land) - Anh Minh and Tram Anh (year 11)

Album International Festival 2018: Gala day

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